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By billions

Promote your app using AppBoost’s multi channel intelligence, and be seen by the 3 billion active users of iOS & Android.

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Pro results.

No PhD required

With AppBoost everyone is a pro Marketer. We track the number of app installs & spend per install automatically. Sit back and relax, campaign set up and management are free as standard.

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Budget friendly.

Because spend matters

AppBoost has been designed to generate the lowest possible cost installs across platforms and geographies to extend your budget. Average 47%* lower CPI vs alternate display solutions.
*DOT Ads Research 2023

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You're in control.

Month to month

No complicated small print, no hidden fees. Cancel any time with complete flexibility, and get full support from our professional team.

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How it works?

Powered by more than smart technology.

Nova AI

AppBoost uses its proprietary Nova AI to bring predictive intelligence to your App Install campaigns.  Show ads to genuine users most likely to download your app.

Historical Data

Arrive with an advantage. Nova AI can access the shared learnings of all past AppBoost campaigns and applies settings from the top performing 1%. Arrive ready.

Manual Refinements

Once we’ve identified the patterns performing best for your app we’ll apply adjustments seamlessly at scale, and manual refinements that continue to boost performance.

World Class Support

We care about your success. Multi channel support from our professional team, plus free account management ensure we stay on track for your app’s growth.

5 Star Feedback

"We received the best support and pro-client approach our company could have asked for!"
Žaneta Šupová
Marketing Manager, Trezor
"The CPI (cost per app install) is 50% better than all other channels, including Google"
Mikhail Ovsepyan
Expansion Lead, TransferGo
"They gave us great support to help us grow our business"
Lynnae Sauer
Founder, Bridges Exchange

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  • Low cost app installs
  • iOS & Android
  • Free set up
    Free campaign management
    Install tracking analytics
  • Nova AI intelligence
  • $499 advertising credit
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Cancel any time
Get Plan
  • Low cost app installs
  • iOS & Android
    Free set up
  • Free campaign management
    Install tracking analytics
    Nova AI intelligence
  • $9999 advertising credit
  • Cancel any time


Can AppBoost work with any app?

AppBoost can work with almost any app as long as it's published on either the Google Play store, or Apple App store. Certain types of app, such as gambling apps, financial services related apps, and dating apps may require additional review by the AppBoost team. If you'd like to speak with us to check before ordering, you can reach out to us at hello@dotaudiences.com. If after subscribing an app is not approved, you will receive a full refund.

Is account management included for free?

Yes, full account management is included for free by our professional team. This includes campaign(s) set up, review, and ongoing optimisations. Additionally you will be given direct access to your account manager via your choice of messenger app (Slack, Telegram, Whatsapp) and email.

How can I track the results?

You'll receive access to a private dashboard showing key metrics such as number of installs, cost per install, impressions, & clicks by date, and country. Zero integration is required. AppBoost can track install metrics automatically. Data is updated in real time. Additionally your dedicated account manager will be available to discuss performance with you should you need.

Can I update or cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel future payments or update your existing subscription at any time by clicking here.

Who are the team behind AppBoost?

We are glad you asked 😀 Meet the dedicated team behind AppBoost, all the way from the heart of the UK! We’re the same passionate individuals who brought you DOT Ads - the popular web3 ad network. Our team is a mix of innovative developers, strategic marketers, and supportive customer service reps, all united by a singular aim: to elevate your apps to new heights.